It’s June 2020…

I look up and glance across the gym until my eyes find yours…and there you are…I see you with a big smile on your face…since the moment you were born I knew that my heart would forever exist outside my body… you showed me love like I had never known before… the world is so magical
through your eyes… I feel what you feel, and that smile on your face says it all…you’re so happy to be back.

You’ve been talking about this for weeks…while the world was on pause you’d ask every day…” is it time to go back to Twisters?” In the meantime you kept yourself busy, playing gymnastics with your younger sister, pretending to be a coach and leading our family (and all your stuffed animals) along in circle time…drawing lines with sidewalk chalk in our driveway and pretending you’re on a balance beam…stacking pillows and cushions on the floor to make an obstacle course to practice your handstands and rolls…and here you are…finally, back in the gym…learning to walk on the high beam…I take a deep breath and remember how nervous I would get walking across the beam when I was your age, but you’re not nervous…you’re confident and brave, and now I feel that through you…my heart feels warm and I smile with admiration as you jump off the beam and stick your landing.

I continue to scan across the gym…and there you are…my second born…my heart was already so full of love before you were born and when you arrived you showed me there was more than enough love to go around…and I see you, your joy…laughing and singing along in circle time as you make a peanut butter pike and then flap your butterfly wings…you’ve been asking about Twisters too…” when can I go on the trampolling?” you ask, as your older sister corrects you…” its trampoline!” The great pause was harder for you to understand, you just knew the world was sick and we had to keep you away from the germs… but during this time you loved playing gymnastics at home with big sis and following along with your coach’s online lessons.

Now that you’re back, there’s nothing like seeing the joy in your eyes…of experiencing this moment through you…finally returning to a fun and familiar place…seeing the bright colors…hearing the music and the excited chatter of children and your coaches throughout the gym…tumbling, rolling, climbing and the feeling of flight as you bounce on the “trampolling”…you’re back, and I see you…and I feel it too.

At Twisters, creating these moments is why we do what we do! It is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank you for your loyalty and being a part of the Twisters family. We appreciate your continued support throughout this pause and we look forward to having your family back in our gym soon! While the world is sheltering in place, we are working hard from our homes so we can continue to provide opportunities for your children to shine with fun, daily video content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and members’ only online lessons on

We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic on a daily basis. As soon as we get the OK, Twisters will be ready to reopen with enhanced sanitation procedures and modified operations to fit any physical distancing requirements that may be in place.

Stay in touch for some exciting news about our late spring and early summer programs!

In good health,

Your Friends at Twisters

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