May is for Moms! Before this month comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the special Moms and mom-like figures in our life. Twisters is super fortunate to have many moms who are a part of the Twisters family of coaches and staff. We say super fortunate, because we know that many of the strong qualities that make people great moms, also make them great employees who work with children.

Some of these benefits of include:

Experience and Patience: Moms often have a wealth of experience handling children of various ages. This translates well to understanding different needs, developmental stages, and how to manage challenging behaviors in a gymnastics setting.

Nurturing and Encouraging: Moms tend to have a natural nurturing instinct and often excel at encouraging and motivating children. This can be crucial in gymnastics, where building confidence and a love for the sport is important.

Communication Skills: Moms are pros at communication, having honed their skills dealing with children who may not always be able to clearly express themselves. This is key in gymnastics instruction, where clear and concise communication helps ensure safety and proper technique.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Moms are often attuned to a child’s emotions. This emotional intelligence allows them to connect with children on a deeper level, understand their anxieties or frustrations, and create a positive learning environment.

So there you have it. Great moms make great coaches and employees in gymnastics. We’d like to celebrate the Twister Moms who help make Twisters an extra special place for your children to not only learn gymnastics, but to grow into happy, healthy, responsible kids. Let’s hear it for the Twister Moms!!!

celebrating twisters moms
Twisters Moms - Coach Kelley

Coach and Party Director – American Twisters

Mom to Kora – 10 months
“Becoming a mom while being an employee at Twisters is such a gift. I feel so much closer to the other parents. They have been so generous with sharing stories, advice, and even hand-me- downs. It’s so fun to watch my students grow up while wondering what my baby will be like.”

Optional Team Coach – American Twisters

Mom to Colin – Age 2
“Being a mom is the most rewarding and special job! Being a mom has helped me realize every child is different and should be coached accordingly!”

Optional Team Coach – American Twisters

Mom to Isla (3.5) and Merrick (9 months)
“Being a mom is such a gift. As a coach I believe it’s important to get down to the athletes level and listen. Most of the time, kids just want a listening ear and to feel like someone understands them. Being a mom has taught me a different level of patience and compassion.”

Twisters Moms - Coach Camila

Coach – American Twisters

Mom to Lucas (18) and Marina (13)
“Being a mom, specially a gymnast’s mom, helps me a lot connecting with the kids I coach.”

Xcel Team Coach – both Twisters locations

Mom to Mackenzie (32), Jesse (25) and Delaney (23)
“I cherish that my 3 are unique souls. Bonded by blood but free to be who they want to be. I suppose that’s what I cherish about the sport as well. We are all bonded by our love/passion for gymnastics but free to be our best uniquely made and wonderful selves.”

Twisters Multimedia Director

Mom to Ellie (8) and Miles (3)
“Being the Multimedia Director for Twisters, I use my experience as a mom to find ways to connect with our core audience, which is other local parents with small kids like mine. I love being a Mom who works at Twisters because they understand the importance of family and that family always comes first. I’ve also worked for the organization for more than 17 years, so many of my colleagues by now feel like an extension of my home family.”

Customer Service – American Twisters

Mom to Erniah (19)
“My favorite thing about being a mother is having a mini me and pouring love into someone who can possibly make changes in this world.”

Coach – Boca Twisters

Mom to sons Alexandru and Mickey

Twisters Human Resources

Mom to daughters Emma (13) and Abbie (9)

Twisters Marketing Director

Mom to son Lucas (14)

Cheers to the Moms… the coaches and employees of Twisters (there’s many more than we could fit in this blog) as well as the moms and the mom-like people who support and encourage our Twisters gymnasts day in and day out. You are seen, loved and appreciated. May you continue to inspire us all!

Stay tuned in June when we celebrate our Twister Dads!

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