Can you believe November is almost over already?! Here at Twisters we’re finishing up Thanksgiving Camp/ Gymnastics Fun Days and getting ready to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our families at home.

November also happens to be Epilepsy Awareness Month, and before November comes to a close, we’d like to share with you one very special Twister gymnast who inspires us in the gym not just this month, but every day. She’s our Featured Twister for the month of November…

Her name is Jayla Booker.

Jayla is a 14 year old high school freshman and optional team gymnast who has been a part of the Twisters family since she was five years old. She has been a gymnast for the past nine years, and in July of this year, Jayla was diagnosed with epilepsy.

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We asked Jayla “What would you like other kids to know about epilepsy and sports?”
Jayla: “I want kids to know that you can do sports with epilepsy. Just take your medications. If you feel light headed or funny take a breather and rest. But don’t let it stop you.”


I am most proud of being able to push through and manage school and gymnastics, and that I have a lot of support from my friends and family.

Jayla Booker

We are so proud of Jayla’s determination, perseverance and dedication to gymnastics and her health, and we are proud to have Jayla on Team Twisters. We asked her what she loves most about being on Team Twisters and she said, “I love the team spirit ; the way we work, my friends and coaches and the way they support me and the way we have gotten closer.”

From Optional Team Head Coach, Christy Ramirez:
“The month of a November is #nationalepilepsyawarenessmonth and today we wore purple for one of our very special gymnasts, Jayla Booker. We stand with you Jayla always and forever. You mean the world to all of us and this shall never define who you are! You are an amazing person inside and out and I hope you feel loved by your extended family at @twistergymnastics. We love you Jay! #teamjayla Our epilepsy warrior!!!”

Way to go, Jayla! Keep inspiring, and Go Team Twisters!

To learn more about epilepsy, visit The Epilepsy Foundation by clicking here.