American Twisters has developed many State, Regional and National champions along with Elite and Junior Olympic National Team Members. Twisters develops winning gymnasts at every USA Gymnastics competitive level from 1 through 10, and at all Xcel levels. Our long history of success is a result of the positive coaching and workout atmosphere created in our gym daily. The drive and motivation provided by our dedicated coaching staff, the 100% support of our club owner and the hard work and long hours put in by our dedicated gymnasts are the major reasons for their tremendous success.

Each competitive season, American Twisters has dozens of Level 10’s training in the gym daily. These outstanding gymnasts serve as fantastic role models for their younger teammates. Although there are 1200+ students involved in the Grade School recreational program at Twisters, the coaches and 180+ gymnasts of the Competitive Teams have a no-nonsense and intense approach to learning high-level gymnastics skills and progressing through the competitive ranks quickly. Our Competitive Team gymnasts are challenged to match the drive and desire of our experienced coaching staff on a daily basis, and both our coaches and our gymnasts strive daily to be the best they can be.

American Twisters is proud of the talented gymnasts on our team, the dedicated coaching staff behind them and the unique and well-rounded program that has built a pathway to their success. Being an American Twisters gymnast is an exciting and rewarding experience. The future is bright for American Twisters!

American Twisters’ hard work continues daily in an effort to exceed the recent successes of the team.

Here are some highlights from our incredible 2023 Championship season:

Level 10 National Championships 2023
-1st place floor
-2nd place beam, floor, all-around
-3rd place vault, bars

Level 9 Eastern Championships – 1st place bars

Regional Championships 2023
-Level 10 – 1st place vault, bars, all-around
-Level 9 – 1st place bars
-Level 8 – 1st place every event & all-around
-Level 7 – 1st place vault, bars, beam, all-around
-Level 6 – 1st place vault, bars, beam, all-around

State Championships 2023
-Level 10 – 1st place all events & all-around. Level 10 Team Champions.
-Level 9 – 1st place all events & all-around, 3rd place Team
-Level 8 – 1st place (multiple) on all events & all-around. Second place Team. State Team Qualifiers (2)
-Level 7 – 1st place (multiple) on all events & all-around. Second place Team. State Team Qualifiers (1)
-Level 6 – 1st place (multiple) on all events & all-around. Level 6 Team Champions. State Team Qualifiers (2)

Twisters is also beyond proud of our past, present and future scholarship athletes. Be sure to check out our current roster of incredibly talented collegiate hopefuls and the impressive legacy of our Wall of Fame on the Twisters Collegiate Corner page HERE.

Coaches Contact Information:

For More Information, Contact:
Competitive Team Coordinator — Gary Anderson [email protected]
Optional Levels Head Coach — Christy Ramirez [email protected]
All Optional Levels
Compulsory Levels Head Coach — Erin Hall [email protected]
All Compulsory Levels
Xcel Levels Head Coach — Cindy Keck [email protected]
Pre-Team Head Coach — Taylor Aucoin [email protected]
Competitive Team Manager — Elayne Anderson [email protected]

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