Twisters Pre-Team

Twisters has long been known as the top competitive team program in South Florida.
We believe the benefits of competitive gymnastics span far beyond simply learning tricks and winning medals. Twisters teaches children the importance of setting goals, making steps towards achieving them, and feeling success when they are finally reached. Gymnastics will give your child something to be committed to, to love, to work hard for - and that will stay with them forever!

Tiny Twisters (Ages 3-4)
Mini Twisters (Ages 5-6)
Twist Stars (Ages 7-9)

The Pre-team program is an accelerated gymnastics class offered by invitation for girls. The program meets 2x a week and is open to children who demonstrate early indications of success in the sport of gymnastics. These indicators may include above-average strength, flexibility, coordination, self-discipline and enthusiasm.

The goal of this program is to assist them in their advancement into the competitive team program.