We can’t believe summer is almost here! We’re gearing up for an epic summer of camp fun at both locations and our team gymnasts and coaches are wrapping up an incredibly successful championship season. We can’t wait to tell you all about it in our next post – stay tuned!

Speaking of the incredible success of Team Twisters, we’d like to take a moment to share the story of a family that is a core pillar of our Twisters organization. Whose presence and support in the gyms, at the competitions and as part of the Twisters family for so many years has helped shaped Twisters into who we are today. You know this special family if you’ve been to either of the Twisters gyms or at USA Competitions events. It’s the one and only, Anderson Family – Gary, Elayne and Elianna.

Gary is the Twisters Competitive Team Coordinator and USA Competitions Meet Director. Elayne works out of our Boca Raton location as the Competitive Team Manager and also as the Music Coordinator at USA Competitions events, and Elianna is an Xcel gymnast at our Boca location.

Gary and Elayne joined the organization back in 2005-2007 as consultants and never looked back. They are to this day an integral part of our organizational leadership, Team Twisters and Twisters family. We asked Gary and Elayne some questions about their Twisters journey. Check out what they had to say below!

1. What attracted you to “come out of retirement” to work for Twisters?
We had been hired by USA Competitions to come to Florida to help run their larger meets several times over the course of two seasons (2005 – 2007). During that time we fell in love with Florida and became close friends with several of the Twisters staff. We were offered the opportunity to come work for Twisters initially as a part-time consultant. This lasted for about 3 months before coming aboard full time. The challenge of  helping to develop a class and competitive team program that had “excellence” as it primary goal, with the owner and administration all on board with this goal was an easy decision.
2. A few sentences from each of you on your gymnastics background prior to coming to Twisters…
Gary: After being a 3 time All-American college gymnasts and a member of the USA’s Pan-American team, I taught and coached for 2 years at the high school level, 2 years at the small college level (Towson University) and 5 years at the US Naval Academy. I bought out a struggling small gym in Rockville, Maryland that had 150 students in 1980. After 20 years the club had grown to over 2,000 students, had produced 5 National Team members and over 32 college scholarship athletes. The gym was sold in 2000 and I worked part-time for the USA Gymnastics National organization to help run their major competitions, training camps and helping to administer the National TOPS program. 
Elayne: Coached for 20 years in various small clubs in Kentucky and Tennessee, teaching classes there and working with age group competitive gymnasts. She also coached and ran cheerleading programs in various high schools during this time.
3. How do you feel looking back over the last 15 years and seeing your impact on the program? It has been absolutely exhilarating to see the Twisters program grow to the size and excellence in the business field, class instructional programs and in the competitive arena. It is rare to be involved in a business and program where all of the goals have been aggressively sought and accomplished. It has been fun and rewarding to be part of all of this.   
4. How does it feel being a parent of a Twister gymnast and what advice do you have for parents who want to put their child in gymnastics? It has been great to see our “little girl” enjoy the classes and now competitive team program at Twisters. All her experiences there have been positive and rewarding for both her and us as her parents. The beautiful thing is that the Twisters program has allowed her (and us) to participate and expand to her every changing needs and desires. Should she choose to pursue an intense competitive program or a more relaxed and more social competitive team atmosphere, or even just a weekly class or two, all those possibilities exist within the Twisters perimeters. 
5. How would you briefly describe our organization? Goal oriented, motivated professional colleagues who do whatever it takes to be successful. 
6. What advice would you give a friend who is considering working at Twisters?
Don’t wait! Jump on the bandwagon and go for a great ride! Come and take advantage of being around success-oriented people that have the backing and are given all the tools needed to grow to become a successful coach, teacher, administrator and most importantly a better and more knowledgeable person.
7. Which of Twisters core values resonates with you the most and why?
“Do whatever it takes” is the one that seems to be the most overwhelming core value at Twisters. People work extra hours when needed, people get into a wet soggy water filled pit for hours of cleaning up a mess caused by flooding and coaches are at competition all weekend, only to come home and on Monday go to work for their normal classes or team workouts.  The “people” do what it takes to produce positive and successful results.
8. What sets Twisters apart from other clubs in our industry?
The people that own it, the people who run it and the people who work for it; they are all special and everyone is made to feel like they personally have contributed to Twisters’ overwhelming success.

We are so fortunate to have Gary, Elayne and Elianna as a part of our Twisters family. Gary and Elayne’s contributions in the gym and at the meets throughout the years have been immeasurable. Their hard work has positively impacted the lives and careers of so many gymnasts and families and continues to do so. The next time you see their friendly faces in the gym, please reach out and let them know how appreciated they are!